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Organ Recitals (excerpt)

Organ Recitals in Germany, England, Italy, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Russia and Brazil.

Doncaster Minster, England

St Bartholomew's Armley, England

Oude Kerk Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hans-Henny-Jahnn-organ of the Heinrich-Hertz high school in Hamburg, Germany

Bari Organ Festival, Italy, with Antje Stengel, Violin

St. Johannis Wernigerode, Germany with Antje Stengel, Violin

Lübeck Cathedral, Germany

St. Jakobi Lübeck, Germany

Schwerin Cathedral, Germany

Oslo Cathedral, Norway

Our Lady's Church Trondheim, Norway

Grue, Norway

Music Conservatory Göteborg, Sweden

St. Gertrud, Stockhholm, Sweden

Vasa kyrkan Göteborg, Sweden

Örgryte nya kyrkan Göteborg, Sweden

Schwarze Kirche Kronstadt, Romania

Riga Cathedral, Latvia

Liepaja, Latvia

St. Nikolai church Tallinn, Estonia

Grand Hall of the Philharmony St. Petersburg, Russia

Copenhagen Cathedral, Denmark

Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cathedral of Stendal

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